AYES, an Antwerp-based start-up, is working with leading partners and investors to revolutionize mobility for people with visual impairments. Their mobile application, OKO, aims to make cities more accessible for all.

OKO uses audio and haptic feedback to translate a user’s surroundings through their smartphone. This allows the app to immediately alert the user to nearby objects, navigate intersections with traffic lights, and make sure they get on the right bus.

To promote the launch of OKO, we collaborated to create a general explainer video and several testimonials.

By the end of 2022, AYES saw strong growth in the number of users in Japan. To capitalize on this market, we also created a version of the general explainer video with a Japanese voiceover.

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English, Dutch, French, Japanese


Social media, Explainer, Testimonial


Willem van de Mierop
Willem van de Mierop
Co-Founder - AYES
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The collaboration with Dieter went very smoothly and the outcome was absolutely phenomenal. Therefore, I would also recommend Dieter and Skapa to family and friends!

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